Own Projects

Medieval Web-Based Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game

Sacred-Knights.net (2004-?)

This project started in June 2004 as an attempt to branch away from the mafia-themed webgames available at the time. It quickly grew out to a tight community in the years that followed. Currently in it's fourth big release (Delta).

Hack (game) your way towards?

Darker-Future.nl (2004-?)

This high-level puzzle game has been a mystery on the internet since it launched. No information is given about it and still thousands of people seem to pass the first few levels. Do you have the skills to reach the end?

Mafia themed Web-Based Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game

Criminalization.org (2008-?) (private beta)

This mafia game is an attempt to put role-play more in the spotlight of web-based MMO-gaming. While earlier versions were very popular this project is currently in a closed-beta awaiting a totally new release!

Robo themed Web-Based Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Game

Replicate.one (2018-?) (private beta)

Under construction!

Commissioned Work

Portfolio of Ben Lustenhouwer Portrait Painter

Lustenhouwer.com (2010-2012) (discontinued)

Lustenhouwer's website is a website created with the artist. While interviewing for demands we came up with this multi-language and easy to manage web solution. The artist has access to an archive of his works, can change any information on the site in the 3 given languages.

Artist Portfolio of Helma Vanrens

Helmavanrens.com (2007-2008) (discontinued)

Helma Vanrens' website is also for an artist. Like the site above it's fully adjustable and serves perfectly as a portfolio.


Deskbookers Meeting Rooms Marketplace

Deskbookers.com (2013-2017) (discontinued)

Deskbookers.com is a marketplace to flexibly book meetings rooms and other workspaces, I worked on both the demand side (marketplace) as the supply side (asset management) systems.

Velthuyse & Mulder Wealth Management

Velthuysemulder.nl (2017-?)

Velthuysemulder.nl is a wealth management company. Customers let us invest their money responsibly. I work on the secure customer portals for all their brands.
www.oxby.nl www.acturaad.nl